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Ice Racing On Lake Speed In Tilleda, Wisconsin

1/16/13 Update: 
1. Pugs just checked the track and found at least 14" of ice. However, the spectator area and path to the track only has 10". We will check the ice again on Friday and we will post a decision as early as possible (hopefully by 5:00).  
2. As mentioned previously- we will be limiting hot laps this year. We need to remember that there are people fishing on the lake so we must keep the noise level down as much as possible. Also, because ATV's are regulated by the DNR, they will be subject to those regulations. Therefore, we are asking that any ATV's that pit on the boat landing do not drive to the track. We hope that if we limit the noise as much as possible we can co-exist with the fisherman and landowners. Please be respectful.
1/13/13 Update: 
This year we will be limiting hot laps to only 12:00 to 12:30. This is to respect the fisherman and landowners on Upper Red Lake. More updates to come. 
The new score tower project has been put on hold for now. We have been struggling to find a time that works for everyone involved and now that we are (hopefully) close to the start of the season we decided to put it on hold for a bit. 
The new website is up and running! It is tilledathunderonice.com. We still need to finish a few things (updating the picture, adding an updates section, etc. ) but most of it is done. Please be sure to give us your feedback. 
The ice will be checked on Wednesday so we will post another update then.  


1/9/13 Update: Pugs checked the track again today- the front stretch and corners 3 and 4 have 10" of ice, however- the back stretch only has 7.5" of ice and corners 1 and 2 only have 8" of ice. As long as the rain that is forcasted for this weekend does not do too much damage, we hope to be able to start next weekend (1/19/13). We will continue to check the ice and post updates. 
1/6/13 Updates:

1. We want to say Thank You to:

Craig Welch

Kasey Kolpack

Ryan White

Bert Moede Sr

Cody Bierman

Dustin White

Jon White

who met Pugs and Les on the track yesterday, with snowblowers and a wheeler with a plow, to clear the snow so the ice will grow faster. They measured 8" of ice Friday night. Also- a special Thank You to Randy Nietzer of the Gresham Lions who helped layout the track.

2. New this year- we will be limiting the hot laps time to 12:00 to 12:30. The driver's meeting will follow immediately after. This will help preserve the track and show respect to the nearby fishermen and landowners.

3. We are also in the process of setting up a new webiste. We will let you know when it is up and running!

If you have any questions please e-mail us at tilledathunderonice@gmail.com.